Meet my North Star, Erin Baute!

I'm absolutely thrilled today to introduce you to a big part of my life.  My business partner and Certified Enneagram Teacher and Trainer, Erin Baute, MPH.  

Erin is a significant part of my life and my practice because she coaches me personally and she coaches many of my clients.  It is incredibly helpful when I am working on a sexual health plan for a couple, to be able to send them focus areas and activities based on their Enneagram number.  Cool, right? 

If you have been thinking about getting Enneagram typed or coached, Erin is your North Star.  (That is actually what I call her, because she helps keep me moving in the right direction!)

So let me step into the background here and let Erin tell you more about this tremendous model of personality.  It truly has changed my business, my relationship and my sense of self.


Enneagram Coaching

By Erin Baute, MPH


What if I told you, you could learn how to interact with every person in your life in a way that brings out the best in them – and you simply by knowing your Enneagram type? These interactions are fundamental to success in each and every encounter – with your spouse, boss, co-workers, family, friends or even your children.

The Enneagram model is the perfect way to get started making major improvements to how you think, feel, and respond to your world.

Growing these skills can sometimes be daunting and intimidating. Understanding the people around you, while also trying to learn about yourself can feel like climbing a mountain – especially if you don’t have the right tools, resources, or fuel to keep you going.

Consider developing your personal and professional skills the exact same way you would train for a 5K, learn how to do yoga, or climb a mountain.

Whatever the obstacle you have already overcome in the past – the behaviors, the small steps it takes to achieve greatness and create change in yourself, is identical.

Most of us would hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist to guide us through our health goals, so why not take the same approach to bring out the best in our personal and professional lives? Partnering with a development coach will motivate and guide you to your next level of potential – at work, home, and within yourself.

Think of me like your personal trainer for your emotional and social intelligence, as well as business strategy needs – at home, at work, or with your team. Partnering together means you can lean on my experience and my knowledge-base and feel confident you have someone championing for your success as hard as you are!

Ready to know more? Email me at and we can get to know one another better.

Celeste Holbrook