A Foolproof Way To Focus On Connection.


It's FINALLY cooling off here in Texas.  We went from bikinis last week to SWEATA WEATHA this week.  

What is it looking like where you are?

With the change in temperature on our skin, I want to encourage you to think about sensuality

Remember that sensuality is simply the use of your senses.  

In this moment, right now as you are reading this email, take 20 seconds to pay attention.  

What do you taste? Smell? Feel? Hear or see?

Here is what I'm experiencing right now:

  • I'm tasting coffee and waffles with butter and blueberry jam.

  • I feel my butt on the stool I'm sitting on in my kitchen. My legs are cold and damp from the rainy run this morning.

  • I smell wet dogs at my feet. (lol!)

  • I see one of my favorite coffee mugs, that has a picture of three of my favorite boys, Merlin (horse), Dante (horse) and Nate (husband).

  • I hear the laundry spinning in the dryer.

Webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpg

Okay great!  I noted my senses.  Now your turn!  No really...do it.

I'll wait.

Okay, back?  You probably didn't experience or discover anything epic about this moment, but there is something very magical about noting your senses...or sensuality.  The magic part is that you can't experience your senses in the past or the future.  Sure, you can remember how things looked, or imagine how something might smell, but you cannot EXPERIENCE your senses in the past or future.  

Cool, right?  

So when you are in your next sexual experience, and you can't seem to get the future responsibilities out of your mind or the anxieties of the past to leave the bedroom, focus on your senses.  Get sensual.  

The softness of skin, the taste of a kiss, the hum of the fan, the smell of clean sheets.  

This is a foolproof way to help you get in the moment and have a pleasurable, connective experience. 

Hope you have a beautiful, sensual weekend.  I'm signing off to do the same!

I love you,



Celeste Holbrook