I experienced pleasure with sex for the first time and for that I felt there was reason to be hopeful.
You really are changing lives!
Thank you.
— T.S., New York

I am still on the journey to becoming a fully mature sexual being but I feel much better equipped to process my emotions about the incredibly powerful thing that is sex.
— M.R., Ohio

Hi Celeste!
I just wanted to let you know I’ve been implementing some of the tools I learned from you in the Elevate course already and it’s been really helpful!
— S.W., South Carolina

I cannot even believe this, but I had my first orgasm ever! I’m so grateful for this process of finding my sexuality. I had no idea how much it would change my life and my relationship.”
— C.M., Texas

You make everything so appraochable and easy to understand. I’m having new thoughts and trying new sexual behaviors that I previously thought were not ever going to happen. I’m so happy!
— A.P., Texas

We had Olympic sex for the first time in ages!
— D.D., Kansas

I’m having pain free sex for the first time ever. My husband is shocked and quite frankly, so am I. It took us being intentional about working on our sex life to really understand that it was going to take a mental and physical approach to have pain-free sex. Thank you so much.”
— H.H., Texas

Our sex is pleasureable again and doesn’t feel like a chore or just another responsibility.
— P.H., New York