Is Sex Fueling Your Relationship?

Hello love,  

I want you to know I have been thinking of you.  I have been thinking of how I can give you what you need to absolutely re-energize your relationship with connective, exciting, intimate sex.  

Think about this:  Sex is the one thing that sets you and your partner apart from you and your closest of friends.  You are super close with your girl squad, but you have sex with your partner, a type of intimacy that is only shared between the two of you. 

That is the power that sex has in our relationships.  The connection that is exclusive and caters only to the two of you.  

Sex is your personal life-giving relationship fuel. 

So what kind of fuel are you putting into the tank?  I hope it is high-octane, but if it is not, you aren't alone.  Most women experience sexual dysfunction at least once in their life.  Unfortunately, we often struggle in silence, not placing our sexual needs as a priority. 

But my love, let me tell you, you are worthy of a great sex life!  Your pleasure and your sensual connection with your partner are not a privilege.  They are a right, given to you at birth!  

So if you are ready to claim your sex life as the connective, pleasurable fuel to your relationship, check out the program options below or schedule a free discovery call to see how I can stand in the gap for you and lead you toward the spiritual, soul-centered sexual fuel that you deserve. 

Sexual energy is so powerful that not only can it create new life, it can change the one you have.

-Kim Amani

Celeste Holbrook