What Hiking Taught Me About Sex

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"I was staring at my feet."

Recently, my husband and I went on a 16 mile hike to Lake Solitude in the Grand Tetons (highly recommend, BTW!)  On the early morning drive to the trailhead, we were chatting excitedly about the possibility of seeing black bears, moose, bald eagles and elk.  But a few miles into the hike, I realized I hadn't been looking around for the bears...or really looking at anything.

I was staring at my feet. 

Granted, the path was rocky and often steep.  I had to be careful where I was stepping so I'd reach my destination.  But I hadn't traveled all the way the Grand Teton National Park to stare at my shoes for 16 miles!   Who knows? I'd probably passed up 10 bears and a bald eagle already, simply because I was too focused on...my shoes. 

I began to be more intentional about glancing up from the path.  Enjoying instead of just accomplishing!  What a concept!  It wasn't easy.  I had to look ahead a few steps to find a good path and then look around to enjoy the scenery.  

It got me thinking about how many of us get into the habit of accomplishing so intensely that we start to lose enjoyment.  Especially in the bedroom.

How many times have I heard a client say that she just has sex to "get it done?"  Hundreds.

How many times have I heard a client say that sex feels like another job or obligation? Hundreds.

How many times have I heard couples say that they feel more like roommates than lovers because they are so focused on accomplishing life that they have forgotten how to enjoy each other erotically?  Hundreds.

We spend such energy on achievement...checking "sex" off the list..that we forget how much our soul longs to simply enjoy.  Sometimes we forget that we are even WORTHY of enjoying sex! 

Does this sound like you sister?  

I thought it might. So I created a free webinar just for you.  I'm going talk about how overcome low libido so sex doesn't feel like an obligation anymore.  I'm going to address how to disintegrate sexual shame and pain so that you can fully ENJOY sex again.  Doesn't that sounds divine?

This is what you need to stop trudging to the bedroom staring at your shoes and instead start looking for the enjoyment in the bedroom.  This is what you need to stop seeing sex as a chore and start seeing sex as the pleasurable super-fuel for your relationship.

Won't you join me?  The webinar is on Friday.  Click here to find out more!

So do you know what happened once I started being intentional about enjoying the scenery on our hike?  We spotted a moose!  <3

Rooting for you already,


Celeste Holbrook