Two Month Sensual Mentoring

Two Month Sensual Mentoring


“Our relationships demand more presence, more attention and more purposeful tending than any other area of our lives, yet how often we cause our own disappointment, heartbreak and separation.” – Brendon Burchard

Do you struggle with intimacy in your relationship?  Do you have a difficult time talking with your partner about your needs, wants and desires?  Do you disagree on the quantity or quality of the sex you are having?  Do you miss excitement in your relationship?

Sensual relationship mentoring is super food for a relationship.  Cleansing and fueling your relationship from a mindset level is powerful and connective.   Commit to two months of sensual mentoring and step into the relationship of your dreams.

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You will develop a relationship manifesto, that you will use to guide your daily interactions with your partner.

You will establish communication strategies to get what you want while also respecting your partners needs.

You will be able to ask for your own needs, wants and desires without guilt or fear.

You will move beyond any shame, guilt or fear surrounding your sex life

You will fire up your own libido through effective mindset and behavioral strategies.

You will breakthrough complicated barriers in your relationship.

You will step into your power, making moves, shifts and obstacles in your relationship easier to navigate.



Two months of personal mentoring

Four face-to-face or video conference mentoring session.

Unlimited e-mail support between each  session

An encourager of your relationship dreams, in and outside of the bedroom

A third party to hold you both accountable to your relationship goals

A full analysis of your intimate relationship

Personalized communication and intimate homework following each mentoring session


Have more questions?

If you have read through this information and you still have lingering questions, feel free to schedule a 30 minute discovery call and let’s explore how I can help.   I’m so thrilled to chat with you and help get you on the road to a blissful relationship.