When It Takes So Little


bedside tableMy closest cousin and I grew up one backyard away from each other.  I was at her house multiple times a week.  She introduced me to Mariah Carey, the Marx Brothers and the joy of veggie hot dogs with Cheetos.  She was also the BEST caregiver.  I clearly remember staying at her house one weekend when I had a bad head cold.  She would watch hours of old movies with me while keeping me stocked with an endless supply of Vicks® VapoRub, tissues, and an icy cold glass of water.

So it was no surprise this week when her fiance posted a picture of a neatly turned down bed, glass of water on the bedside table and the caption, “Every night while I get ready for bed, she turns down my covers, arranges my pillows, fills up my water, and plugs in my phone to charge. #loveher

And this was my cousin’s splendid response.

“When it takes so little to make someone happy…why wouldn’t you do it?”

I know.  Kinda blows your mind, right?  When it takes SO little…

I started thinking about all of the tiny things that I could do to make my partner happy.  And I came up with a pretty big list, starting with simply a kiss and a hug when he walks in the door.  This might take me all of 15 seconds!  And yet, I all too often choose not to because it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.  Well, it may not be a big deal to me, but it is a terrifically big deal to him!

Here is a secret.  If you haven’t heard, foreplay is EVERYTHING that happens between orgasms.  Including all those tiny things that seem insignificant.  In that vein, here is your challenge this week.  Make a list of just 12 tiny things that would make your partner feel happy or loved.  Then try to do at three throughout the upcoming week.  The following week, do the next three and so on.  With these twelve tiny items, you have a months worth of happiness and a months worth of steps toward a better relationship.  Now isn’t that nice?

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