Olympic Sex



You wake up in a pirate hat with your knickers swirling on the ceiling fan.

You just experienced Olympic style sex.

You know this kind of sex. It’s the one that finds you breathless in a bustier…and not just because your bustier is too snug.

Olympic sex is wilder, funnier, edgier, and has much less reserve than either Rally Sex or Love/Love Sex. It’s the kind of sex where you truly do forget your responsibilities outside of that room. You go ahead and try that thing because you are incredibly aroused.

Keep in mind, everyone’s Olympic sex looks different. Your version of Olympic Sex may simply be sex with the lights on (Woo! Go girl!). Your best friend’s version, however, includes a nurse outfit, a haunted Bed and Breakfast, and a large order of hot wings. (We aren’t here to judge.) And there is a lot of Olympic sex in the middle:

• Hot and heavy at home after a shower.
• Spontaneous quickie in full Batman and Robin costumes before a costume party.
• Planned, anticipated hours of hotel sex away from the kids.
• Rambunctious, sheet-stretching, gotta-have-it romp after a full day of sexting.

All of these could fall into the Olympic category.

Olympic sex sessions are memorable. (I bet you’re remembering one right now.) Most of us could identify an Olympic sex session from a mile away; it adds the element of excitement and anticipation to your sex life.

Just like the real Olympics, Olympic sex sessions are incredibly thrilling, edge-of-your-seat experiences…that may only happen every four years.

Scarcity is the magic key to what makes Olympic Sex so exciting. You probably wouldn’t want to watch Olympic downhill skiing every day. But, you can’t get enough of it for two weeks in February, every fourth year! If you were swinging from the rafters in pleather every night, it would eventually lose a bit of its excitement. But every once in a while, it’s awesome!

The weird thing about Olympic sex is that we tend to get told by almost every media outlet and in every magazine ever printed that Olympic sex is the most common kind of sex that most people are having, all the time.

cosmo sex cover

We are told directly and indirectly that if we don’t look like, act like, or orgasm like a total sex kitten–every single time–something MUST be wrong with us. (Gasp!)

Not. True.

Crazy, kinky, off-the-wall sex is amazing. It is! And it can absolutely build your relationship. But so does the intimate, ordinary, missionary position sex, as well as the tired, end of the day–how-can-we-have-sex-and-still-both-be-laying-down–sex. But you can’t have one kind of sex without the other two, regardless of what Cosmo or Christian Grey says.

So, I hope you make it every now and then to that Olympic medal stand…and more often than every four years. But, in the meantime, enjoy the training nights; the ones that prove your commitment and enhance your intimacy. They may not be epic, but they are certainly real and completely necessary. And let’s face it, the best Olympians are the ones that practice, practice, practice.

Know this. Olympic sex is good sex and good for your relationship.

And why is it so good? Olympic sex promotes excitement.

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