Mama, What Do I Cost?


My daughter Zoe casually jumped onto the scale in the gym locker room yesterday while we were getting ready to leave. My darling girl loves numbers, and any chance to use them. But what she said next, while waiting for me to weigh her, floored me.

“Mama, what do I cost?”

Her slip in vernacular was absolutely revealing.  My heart sank to the tiled floor.

mother daughter walkingWhat do you cost?? My darling, sweet Zoe. There is nothing, no scale, no descriptor, no number that would be able to label your extraordinary value. Your worth outstretches beyond any type of measurement. Priceless, immeasurable, unimaginable, limitless and unbounded… unquestionably far, FAR beyond the dinky numbers on a scale.

And yet, how many times have I attached my own worth to those exact dinky numbers? Embarrassingly, too many times. It got me thinking about the other items in my life that demand I wrap them up into a package of my worth. My writing? My mothering? The cleanliness of my house?

Interestingly, what we think about our worthiness bleeds into our relationships. If we tie up our worth with what we do or don’t do, what we look like or don’t look like we turn to our significant others to tell us, show us and generally prove to us that we are valuable. A large and daunting task that sets them up for failure because it is not their place. No matter what they do, if you do not believe you are worthy, nothing they do will change your belief system.

So my encouraging words to you today wonderful girl, (and to my sweet daughter) is that you were created beyond value. There is nothing that you can do to earn more. There is nothing you can do to be less. You simply ARE. You ARE immeasurable. You ARE limitless. You ARE unbounded. So what do you cost?

You my priceless darling, are not for sale. Don’t sell yourself to the scale. To the comparison of “better” moms. To the cleanliness of another’s house. You are perfect, because you are.

You are not for sale. You are priceless.

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