CLOSE Yoga Program

Find softness toward your sexual experience and gain strategies for your own sexual renovation through Close, a 3 hour session offered by yoga teacher, wife & mom Ashley Lilburn and sexologist, author, women’s empowerment speaker Celeste Holbrook, Ph.D. You will take home some concrete practices to cultivate a closer connection to intimacy and an understanding of the very real reasons our libido suffers at different times in our lives. Close is for women only.

The three sections in the CLOSE program begin with Celeste speaking and leading writing activities about aspects of sex such as vulnerabiliy, presence and direct experience.  This is followed by a carefully curated yoga sequence lead by Ashley that emulates and expands on these concepts.  For women attending this workshop, the results of this combination have life altering.
This program sprouted from Ashley and Celeste’s evening walks where they would lament about how women in both yoga and sex therapy struggled with vulnerability, becoming present and feeling worthy of self-care and pleasure. They nourished the idea of helping women improve their sex life through the practice of yoga by opening the mind and body to presence, vulnerability and worth. Soon they had a flourishing program built to guide women through a holistic process of sexual improvement.

Join us for “CLOSE,” a yoga, meditation and mindset shift program that will give you permission to achieve your best sex life and find the libido, connection and confidence you have been craving.


Fort Worth, TX – February 25th 1pm-4pm at Temple Road Yoga – Click HERE to register

E-mail: for more info

Cost: $60

Ashley Lilburn

The thing that Ashley loves most about yoga is that the learning will never end. There is no “mastering” yoga – physically or spiritually. There is no “right” way to do yoga. It is so completely individual. Ashley believes that every time you step on your mat you are in a safe space. A space where you can drop into the subtle bodies and peel back layers. Sitting with the layers and all they embody physically, emotionally or spiritually so that you come out of it slightly changed every time. More equanimous and less attached to the results. It is Ashley’s belief that this is where peace is most accessible. In addition to teaching yoga, Ashley is also a certified Reiki practitioner, wife and mom.



Celeste Holbrook
Celeste Holbrook Ph.D. is a sexologist who has a knack for facilitating discussions about sensitive sexual health topics and helping partners communicate more openly about intimacy and sex. Her mission is to help people love better through planned mental and behavioral changes. She conducts workshops, writes, speaks and sees clients in the DFW area. She lives her dream life with her handsome husband, wild and cherished twin girls and her sweet dog, Norah.