7 Ways To Create Happy Sex


couple palm tree

1. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.  Seriously, stop.

2. Quit viewing sex and have it instead.  Watching Game of Thrones will not improve your sex life (much).  Having more sex will improve your sex life.

3. Start laughing at the funny stuff.  Take your sex life seriously, but not yourself.

4. Try new stuff.  When it doesn’t work out, see number three.

5. Make your bedroom a lovely space to be, free from laundry, clutter and the inherent noisy stresses of life.  At the very least, create a beautiful bed.

6.  Ask for what you want.  Sex is only as complicated as your communication skills.

7. Build anticipation. There is no such thing as spontaneous sex!

Ok…now go and create something HAPPY tonight!

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