7 Sexy Reasons to be Thankful


thankful pictureThis Thanksgiving, when you are holding hands around a beautifully adorned table full of food, why not jazz up your “I’m thankful for” list by adding a few sexual health items?  I’m sure your family will be both surprised and delighted by your progressive and creative ideas!  (Or you will weed out the most awkward family members from returning to family functions with you.  Either way seems like a win, win – amiright?) Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Lubricants – Most people say sex with a lubricant is better. (Check out the study here.)  I’m sure there have a been more than a few times you were thankful you had some on your bedside table.

2. Birth control – You don’t want to get pregnant (or get someone pregnant), but you do want to have sex.  Hallelujah for birth control, whatever kind you use!

3. Fertility treatments – Science has come a long way in helping couples who want to have babies…have babies!  Although difficult to endure, what a fantastic miracle fertility treatments can be for these lovely women.

4. Low lighting – Because nobody looks sexy in fluorescence.

5. The clitoris  – Did you know that there are more nerve endings in the small but mighty clitoris (8,000) than there are in the entire penis (4,000)?   Mmmm hmm.  Grateful.

6.  Beds – You know it is wild and fun and crazy to have sex in other places, but let’s be honest.  The bed is the most comfortable (and the most forgiving when that new position goes awry).

7. The penis – What a no-nonsense, straightforward, tell-it-like-it is piece of anatomy.  Thank goodness for penises and how honest they are about when they are aroused and when they are not.  How amazingly uncomplicated for those of us who do not have one!


Even if you don’t mention any of these at the table this Thanksgiving, try another round of “I’m thankful for” in bed that night with your partner.  It could lead to an all new list of things to be thankful for!



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  • Reply
    Bobby McGhee
    November 27, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Some turkey and some mistle-toe will help to make the season right:)

  • Reply
    November 27, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    This post almost made me sad that I’m not attending the large, extended family dinner and I don’t have the opportunity to try these out. Maybe at Christmas. “I’d like to thank God for Baby Jesus and penises.”

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